A new generation of broadband internet delivery that fills the terrestrial gap

European demand for broadband internet access is at its highest ever. Currently some 20 million homes across Europe cannot access ADSL or cable networks and this will only decrease to 15 million homes by 2010.

That’s why SatLink deliver a new system for two-way broadband services. Uniting the skills of Europe’s leading satellite operator, working with its Skylogic broadband affiliate, SatLink is a new generation of two-way satellite services, which enables upstream and downstream communications via satellite.

SatLink is offered in a range of Basic, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, giving you the option of upgrading your system. You now have the option of receiving broadband Internet access, wherever you are, and the way you want it – without the restrictions of terrestrial infrastructures.

Low costs make SatLink the affordable choice for consumer broadband services

Satlink principally targets consumer markets with hardware and installation costs at a fraction of the cost of professional broadband access systems.

The key advantage of SatLink is that it eliminates the need for a terrestrial internet access component at the subscriber’s premises, which improves the availability and speeds of broadband internet access.

The service operates via Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD 6 satellite at 13° East, using Ka-band frequencies, and in Ku-band on the company’s EUROBIRD 3 satellite at 33° East. Eutelsat’s broadband subsidiary Skylogic manages the hub operations for SatLink, from its SkyPark teleport in Turin, Italy.

How it works

SatLink connects homes via satellite at up to 30 times faster than a standard dial-up connection. A satellite mini-dish and a SatLink modem are all that’s required

Features that bring a wide range of user benefits

  • Low cost broadband satellite modem
  • Enabling high-speed connections
  • No PC software required
  • Built-in security against theft-of-service and theft-of-subscriber
  • Built-in TCP and Web acceleration functions
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Fade mitigation techniques provide high availability reducing loss of service
  • Standard Ku-band and Ka-band ODUs available

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